Module Descriptions & Benefits

  • Kingdom SPACES

    Clearly outline and understand what's in your hand (Exodus 4:2), and increase in the wisdom needed to maximize your strengths in order to bear supernatural fruit. Accomplish more in less time; Minimize resistance and maximize performance; Overcome a faulty self-evaluation driven by fear or pride; Develop an honest value assessment driven by faith; Receive access to open doors because of what you have to offer; Get free from comparison and find satisfaction of a job well done.

  • Dreaming with Kingdom Vision

    Identify and address the limitations that you've imposed upon God and yourself that hinder your ability to dream, and then work through the process of capturing Kingdom vision for yourself and your business. Break free from the orphan spirit; Gain a clearer sense of direction; Walk in an increased measure of faith by doing the works aligned with God's will for you; Safeguard yourself against burnout and gain a renewed passion for life and work.

  • Holy Spirit-Empowered Mission

    Understand key components of your mission and work through the process of developing your personal mission statement in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Gain access to God's power, wisdom, and favor in your business dealings; Make business decisions beyond your own natural limitations by receiving direction from the Spirit of Wisdom Himself; Experience the power of God at work through your weakness in the marketplace; Reap the benefits of open doors, connections, opportunities, and appointments that are divinely orchestrated apart from your hustle; Know the work you have been called to do and finish well because you're in the center of God's will.

  • Values-Based Strategies

    Clearly define your personal values and how they align with the culture of the Kingdom, and then map out and articulate a strategic plan for your assignment that flows out of your personal and Kingdom values. Gain freedom from condemnation in order to do business with conviction by the Spirit; Expand your capacity as a conduit of God's grace that enhances trust with your team, without compromising truth; Position yourself for victory in spiritual warfare in business; Walk in the wisdom that accomplishes more in less time; Engage in business in a way that measures up to the standard God set when He called you.

  • BONUS: Spiritual Warfare in Business

    Using the "4 Keys to Victory," develop a plan to strategically align your business as a weapon in the hands of God against the forces of darkness. Gain revelation about how to wield your business as a weapon; Practice hearing God's voice to gain business insight and instruction; Submit to the ruling presence of Jesus in your business; Overcome the strategies of the enemy against your business; Walk in the authority to carry out your Kingdom mission within your business.

Your course includes...

  • Video Lessons

    Approximately 3.5 hours of video content divided into 25 "bite-sized" lessons to allow you time to digest the information and take your time in seeking the Holy Spirit on the deeper things He wants to reveal to you

  • Journal Prompts

    Five (5) journal prompts that challenge you to set aside personal quiet time to hear the voice of the Lord regarding specifically assigned focus items (PDF downloads included)

  • Activation Exercises

    Seven (7) activation exercises designed to apply what you are learning in such a way that you receive breakthrough, clarity, and transformation throughout the course (PDF downloads included)

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to REACH by Design!

    • A Prayer for You

  • 2

    Understanding the Kingdom Life

    • Introduction to the Kingdom Life

    • Journal Exercise

  • 3

    Kingdom SPACES

    • Introduction to Kingdom SPACES

    • S is for...

    • P is for...

    • A is for...

    • C is for...

    • E is for...

    • S (another one) is for...

    • Kingdom SPACES Wrap-Up

    • Activation Exercise: Kingdom SPACES

    • Journal Exercise

  • 4

    Dreaming With Kingdom Vision

    • Dream with God

    • Don't Abort Your Dream

    • Activation Exercise: Dare to Dream

    • Clear Your Vision

    • Understanding Kingdom Vision

    • Activation Exercise: Capturing Kingdom Vision

    • Journal Exercise

  • 5

    Holy Spirit-Empowered Mission

    • Get on Mission

    • Activation Exercise: What's Your Mission?

    • Your Business & Identity

    • God's Grace in Your Business Plan

    • Activation Exercise: Your Kingdom Business Plan

    • Journal Exercise

  • 6

    Values-Based Strategies

    • Defining Your Values

    • Conviction or Condemnation?

    • The Value of Values

    • Activation Exercise: Identify Your Values

    • Time to Strategize

    • Activation Exercise: Develop Your Strategies

  • 7

    Bonus Module: Spiritual Warfare in Business

    • Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

    • Obstacles to Overcome

    • Your Weapons

    • Keys to Victory, Part 1

    • Keys to Victory, Part 2

    • Journal Exercise


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    Once you enroll in the REACH by Design course, you have lifetime access. This means that you can go through the course at your own pace and as many times as you'd like.

  • Am I required to complete the modules and lessons in the order they are listed?

    The videos are designed so that you can watch the modules in whichever order you choose. The lessons within a particular module, however, should be completed in the order listed. Also, note that although the video lessons can be viewed as standalone modules, the activation exercises within a given module may require that certain portions of a previous module's activation exercises be completed. Based on your needs, you may use your personal discretion.

  • Can I use the REACH by Design course for a group study with my peer? If so, what is the most integrous way of doing so?

    We support - and even encourage - taking this journey with others. This allows for masterminding, prayer support and encouragement, as well as accountability, which we believe helps to accelerate the transformation process. Once each member of your group has enrolled in the course through the course site, you will all have access to all the resources you need to make the group experience a powerful one.

  • How do I secure additional, specialized guidance around a specific area addressed in the course?

    Our private strategy sessions provide an individualized experience for our clients to give focus to specific areas of desired growth. These can be booked as 1-, 4-, or 8-hour sessions, based on availability, at

  • Do you also provide group strategy sessions?

    Yes. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.